Energy healing is the most natural form of healing.  It is all about balance.  We are made up of energy/light which extends inward and connects us to our source.  As spiritual beings of light/energy we experience life in order to expand our consciousness and allow our souls to evolve.  During this process of going through life, we are separated from our essence, our soul, in our minds.  It is this separation that creates a state of imbalance, as we think, speak and act in non-alignment with our souls.  This, in time, results in what we call "dis-ease" at a physical, emotional and mental levels.  The process of re-alignment with our essence, our soul, through the flow of energy/light, is what we call energy healing.

The best part of all is that this energy has a mind of its own and flows in perfect divine order.  Thank God!

This universal life force energy begins to flow and reverse any conditions of unbalance in a perfect rhythm and it does it in the degree in which we are ready to receive it.  It never goes against your will.  If it flows to you then you are in agreement to receive it, whether it is at a conscious or unconscious level.


More overall balance
Deeper feelings of peace
Deeper feelings of Joy
Deeper feelings of compassion
Elevated levels of energy
Enhancement of the senses
New levels of awareness
Acceleration of spiritual evolution
Reversal of dis-eases
Strengthening of the vital organs
Greater breathing capacity


*Aura clearing/cleansng/ charging.
*Chakra clearing/balancing/energizing.
*Chakra and organ restructuring.
*Release of old negative/low-frequency emotional/mental energies.
*Increase of over-all vibrational frequency of energy bodies.
*Openning of acupuncture lines and meridian flow enhancement.
*Spine cleansing.
*Restructuring of all layers of the aura.
*Healing on the celestial and cosmic level.


You may experience a range of things before, during and after energy work. As the flow of energy opens up pathways and centers of energy within the body which may had been slow or blocked, releases and side effects can sometimes be felt.  These releases can be physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual.  Healing is all about releasing the stuck, the old, the past, and becoming more balanced and lighter.


Most releases are emotional and take place during and after energy work.  These releases are in the form of emotional waves, layers and layers begin to come out and can be very intense.  Lower frequency emotions accumulate in our auric field in the form of clouds and over time will begin to affect our physical body by contaminating it at a cellular level.  The saturation of these emotional accumulations can make us very sick and it is only by releasing them that we can truly begin to restore balance within us.  Releasing emotions is a process and can be very painful at times, as these layers come out you can feel them just like you did when they came in. The result of these releases is extremely beneficial and has a very powerful liberating effect.  It is usually very difficult to consciously let go and release emotions like anger, sadness, resentment, fear, guilt because of the pain that it make cause as they come back out so we tend to repress them and over time they will begin to affect us physically.  The key to successfully release these lower frequency emotions is high-frequency energy work. Universal law: higher frequencies flow to lower frequencies, release them and restore balance.


Vivid dreams Flashbacks
Coughing       Sneezing
Yawning        Tingling Sensations
Pulsations      Mild burning sensations
Palpitations    Dizziness
Cold sweats    Night sweats
Heat        Currents
Temporary Fatigue       Flu-like symptoms
Diarrhea        Vomiting
Mood swings  Reddening on the face

Remember, these are all good signs that the energy is opening up your pathways, and there is no reason to worry.  The energy could never harm you in any way.  After the release is over, you will be better off than before, you will be lighter.

Drinking water after an energy session is ideal, this facilitates the physical release of toxins.

High Frequency
Energy Healing